Unified Threat Management

UTMVAULT® is a Unified Security Management system that includes SIEM, Vulnerability Management, Network and Host IDS/IPS, Asset Discovery, Endpoint Protection and Incident Response.


Security Information and Event Management

Intrusion Detection

NIDS and HIDS with Firewall integration.


Vulnerability and Asset management

Unified Security Management

Powerful SIEM and alerting system for early detection and response of active threats. A robust Log Management and Analytics for data analysis and reporting for advanced forensic analysis and manual correlation.

System alerts about security failures

Intrusion detection with Host and Network IDS with capability for incident response and active forensic analysis.
Active and Passive Asset discovery for hardware and software components across on-premises and cloud environments without impact to your network.

Vulnerability Detection

Identify, classify and prioritizes vulnerabilities in on-premises and cloud environments by performing heuristic and signature based analysis.

A powerful database of more than 12 000 signatures provides a full vulnerabilities report including possible solutions for all kinds of security risks.