What is Amazon Web Services?

The general trend for cloud platforms is to offer as many tools and services as possible, so that a whole computing environment can be created in the same cloud. Like other platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon has a large number of tools for the management of different elements within the company.

Amazon Web Services includes a large number of services to perform different types of activities in the cloud. From storage to the management of instances, virtual images, mobile application development, etc.

Security capabilities

The AWS shared responsibility model states that infrastructure security is Amazon's responsibility and everything else depends on the customer. Specifically, the client is responsible for protecting data within applications, monitoring all user access to data, implementing responses before AWS incidents, etc.

UTMVAULT® offers essential security capabilities that allow you to identify threats in real time in order to respond to incidents to reduce risks no matter where your data, applications or users are located. Monitor, detect and investigate AWS security issues.