The new Europian General Data Protection Regulation

The new Europian General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was aproved on April 27th /2016 by the Europian Parlament and Counsil, taking in effect and under practice on May 25th /2016.

The objective of this Regulation is to protect the natural fundamental people's rights and freedom and in particular the right to the protection of their personal data, wether they are managed/processed by Private Organizations or Public Administrations.

General Data Protection Regulation

Is the GDPR necessary? Why?

The very fast Internet Growth, the Broadband Connections, the very sofisticated Mobile Devices, the Countless Servers, and the Social Networks to list just a few Examples, have being creating an explosion on the way we share, proccess, and store our personal data.

We bring our information in our portable computer, cellphones, electronic tablets, among other devices. We share them among many computing platforms, social networks, and with many organizations, storing them on the cloud in such a way that they are intangible and invisible.

Here is where the GDPR takes in place, applying a reinforced legislation with much more strict measurements to regulate the way that the personal data are processed to apply new regulations adapted to the up-to-date times.