What is Asset Discovery?

The first step in securing your environment is knowing your environment. Asset discovery is basically the blueprint of your network—all of the devices that are or have been on it. This is no longer limited to computers.

This includes every device capable of connecting or exchanging data. Think mobile devices, routers, printers, cameras, televisions, or even coffee makers and wearable exercise trackers.

Create an inventory of all critical assets that store

The GDPR is very extensive and covers all TI systems, and even now in the cloud computing era, the mobile devices, and the Internet. Companies need to have a clear, precise, and constantly updated inventory of their critical assets to be aware which their existent resources are and how to use them.
It is good to point out that your Company, Group or Organization could be exposed to Attacks or regular Fines if the employees process and/or store personal data in non-approved devices.
The inventories shall be continuously updated as far as your business and/or technology grow or change.

UTMVAULT Asset Discovery

Knowing your network, and what assets are connected to the network, is essential to identify, prioritize, and mitigate security risks. UTMVAULT® features asset discovery, which rapidly discovers all networks and assets and allows for network leak detection. This solution helps discover the assets quickly without impacting the network performance.