Get all your endpoints secure in the Cloud and Premises using the right Centralized Security Monitoring system

UTMVAULT® provides the ultimate reduction of adding points to your stack. All EDR elements are consolidated into one platform, making threats easy targets to eliminate and protect the integrity of your system. Threads are detected and resolved at the second with our cutting edge thread automation, meanwhile protecting all endpoints on the cloud. In addition, our Research team continuously improves the detection capacity so threads are detected as they appear.

UTMVAULT® is the most effective, consolidated security platform that includes EDR, SIEM tools, Forefront Identity Manager and other network protection solutions providing both successful processed and a radial deduction on costs and elaborated systems.

Don´t be misled

If you want to have the full scope of your environment, EDR solutions are not the ultimate option. Full environment visibility depends critically in the multiplicity of processes happening in your networks simultaneously in the cloud, apps and enterprise products.

Monitor and protect all your mail assets using Centralized platforms.

The problem with non-interactive applications is that they are the perfect places for vulnerabilities to appear and create overhead in the whole system. All this happening meanwhile the tech team is solving specific threads at a time in several places. Integrating all the tools and resources is the key factor in visualizing the state of all-important assets.