Security information and event management, SIEM

A security information and event management system (SIEM) is a system that centralizes the storage and interpretation of the relevant security data. In this way, it allows an analysis of the situation in multiple locations from a unified point of view that facilitates the detection of unusual trends and patterns. Most SIEM systems work by deploying multiple collection agents that collect events related to security

UTMVAULT® a tool to manage the security information and events.

Article 30 of GDPR establishes that each person responsible and their representative shall keep an up-to-date record of their activities and data processes being archived under their responsibility.

A SIEM System provides absolute control over the company's security as it keeps track of all the information and administration of all the events happening in the background in real time. That way it is easier to detect suspicious tendencies and also to focus on abnormal and malicious patterns of events.

UTMVAULT® provides a very fast response against attacks because on one side it offers more visibility and on the other it provides the informational data to supervise and analyse the security in real time by alerting about the attacks taking place as well as the possible future attacks that may follow.follow.

What is the importance of using UTMVAULT®?

The importance of these solutions lies in the prevention of threats unrelated to software vulnerabilities, such as malware, or denial of service (DoS).

But not only external threats are controlled by SIEM technology, but it also guarantees that we can control the most difficult cyber threats to detect: internal attacks.

Unlike a firewall or other similar technology of computer security, since they simply can not react in time to this type of internal threats.

The collection of information becomes fundamental for companies as it also allows improving research capabilities and helps comply with compliance mandates.