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To think that our Organizations will never face a security event is too risky! The cybercrime is growing as fast as the computing technology grows, and it is necessary and mandatory to implement defenses for the before, during and after of the Events.

The main problem of many of those security solutions is that the analysis of the security breach causes take too long and the alerts that are sent to the system administrators have the necessity of gathering and processing deeply all the data.

UTMVAULT provides a unified security tool to administrate, monitor, supervise, and accelerate on a simplified way the security threats and events to aim the accomplishment of GDPR. It groups together multiple essentials security capacities in just one Platform and a correlation engine to help minimizing the response time and the unnecessary heap of security events.

Core Capabilities

Assets Discovery

Instrusion Detection

Security Automation

SIEM & Log Management

Endpoint Detection & Response

Threat Detection

Threat intelligence

Vulnerability Assesment

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UTMVAULT provides a complete security and shorten the process of fulfilling the obligations. It offers the discovery of the assets, vulnerability tracks and reports, detects and responds to a potential data breach, intruders detection, SIEM. Helps to detect and react against events on a very faster effective and efficient way, which helps to stop the attacks before they breach generalized data. All in just one Panel.

UTMVAULT includes an alert administration System providing the Specialists with the tool to manually classify the events to guaranty a correct administration of the Security and the possible positive False. Guaranties on a very simple way highly specialized and secure reports of all the alerts, breaches and vulnerabilities. Among others.